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About Us

ICWebs for Schools recognises that the needs of schools and their unique place in the world wide web. We offer a bespoke option, a DIY webbuilding service and Hosting facilities, so that you can follow the route that is most suited to YOUR needs.

ICWebs for Schools aims to offer a cost effective and personal service that will be of such a high quality customers will voluntarily stay with us.

Our aim is to provide a service which:

1.  Recognises that every school is unique and needs a unique site
2.  Actively listens to what people are asking for
3.  Speaks to people in a language they can understand
4.  Asks for payment when the
school is satisfied with the site and/or service

We are pleased to say we have remained true to those underlying values and the proof is that we continue to grow as a company mostly through word of mouth.  You will not see any advertising from us anywhere in the press or online because we rely on the quality of our service and customer recommendation.

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