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30-page Website Specification

The following is a suggested 30-page website for a school, providing you with a general site that will provide

  • a "shopwindow" for the work that goes on in your school;
  • a showcase for children's work and a facility for children to develop and produce their own web pages;
  • a first port of call for prospective parents;
  • instant access to important information for existing parents and children;
  • a record of those who have visited your site;
  • a place to display and develop special projects, which is open to interested parties the world over

1. Index page - school name, photo, logo, contact info and major navigation buttons. Counter if wanted.

2. Parents Information index

Links to .pdf documents - current menus, prospectus, holiday dates, Documents relating to the Statutory Regulations 2014 and Safeguarding 2015

3. Newsletters

4. PTA Information

5. Links to useful sites - eg DfE, Ofsted etc

6. School Tour Index

a. - exterior view
b. - entrance area
c. - playground facilities
d. - sports field
e. - gardens, etc.
f.  - library area
g. - computers (suite, or in a classroom)

7 - 13  Children's Pages Index - One page per class, up to a maximum of 7. Updated regularly (6 per year) as part of the maintenance deal.

14. Staff Page - meet the staff

15. Events index - With links to previous pages

16. Links page - educational sites of the school's choice. We have a suggested list if needed.

17. Policies

18. Curriculum with links to .pdf documents

19. Termly class curriculum - What we are learning with links to .pdf documents

In addition we can include

  • Sections secured by password,
  • Staff / children may produce their own pages through our service
  • Moodle pages,

This leaves enormous scope for further pages to be created within the 30 page offer

  Additional pages may be added at any time and will be subject to a 10 fee which is added to the annual charge,
  If wished, we will host the school site and assist the school to select a suitable domain name, subject to availability


You will need to provide us with artwork, photographs and information - we will do the rest. We estimate that your site will be completed within 4 weeks of your initial contact. Following this, we will update it on a regular basis at your request.

All this for only £599 per year

This specification is only a suggestion and can be altered at your request, in discussion with our web designers.

Interested? Contact us now.

Please note our sites are built to perform best on Internet Explorer.  As we often use software
including Flash we can't guarantee they will appear as we design them on other platforms.

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