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Bespoke Web Design - Terms and Conditions

1. The contract between the school and ICTeachers Ltd will last for three years.  Written notice, at least three months prior to renewal date must be given if either party wishes to terminate the contract i.e. before the end of the 33rd month of the 3 year contract. Failing this, a new three year contract will commence automatically. (We would advise using a recorded delivery service.)

1a. From 1st September 2016 ICTeachers will be issuing contracts lasting a maximum of 12 months.

2. The school will be invoiced in advance for each year of the contract. Subsequent invoices for the full annual fee will be raised on the anniversary of the account. Payment of the invoice is deemed to be an acceptance of these terms and conditions.

3. The client agrees to forward all content for their website within two months of the first invoice having been issued. If the client fails to do this then an invoice for the full amount will be issued and the building of the site will continue as and when content is provided.

4. There is no limit to the number of updates to each site during the year - but they should be genuine updates and not wholesale changes. That would constitute a re-design of the site and we would need to negotiate a fee for this. An update would normally be the replacement or addition of children's work, newsletters, prospectus, etc.

5. The content of the website will always remain the property of the school or business. The coding remains the copyrighted property of ICTeachers. Should the school or business wish to take ownership of the code at the end of a contract, then sale of the code will be negotiated.

6. If we feel the updating facility is being abused then we reserve the right to restrict the number of updates.

7. ICTeachers will not allow any material on their servers which may be criminal or unsafe. Any such material will be deleted immediately and without warning if ICTeachers staff believe this to be the case.

8. The website remains the property of ICTeachers Ltd until such time as all bills or invoices outstanding are paid by the client.

9. ICTeachers is not liable for the loss or destruction of any material online unless the loss or destruction is directly caused by negligence on the part of ICTeachersí staff

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