“I began my schooling here at WCPS in Reception and I’m now in Year 6. The school has supported me through these years, by allowing me to develop friendships and learn about lots of exciting things both in the classroom and outside in an enjoyable and fun way. It has prepared me for my future, especially secondary school.” Emilia
"WCPS gives you the education you need. Our learning helps us not only in our education but also in general life. Our school is a great place to grow, learn and have fun.” Sanchaya
“We have a great education here from our teachers. They are understanding and there to help, whether it is in the playground or doing work in class. Our school is a great place to be and it encourages me to do well in all I do.” Daniel
“Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning, and are highly motivated in class. They are keen to take responsibility, such as looking after the younger pupils. Pupils are friendly and extremely polite and very proud of their school. They have a very good sense of how to keep safe, such as when using the internet. Pupils say that behaviour is really good. They said, ‘The children are all very friendly and help each other out’.”
LA Pre-Ofsted Review

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