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Mastering Web Design

For those who are looking for a new career, anything that involves the internet can be a good choice. There are many different opportunities for this, but one that can be quite rewarding is web design.

Education Requirements

To do well in this industry, formal education is the best choice. To enter into a web design programme, there may be some education requirements that include a bachelor’s degree in:

  • Computer science
  • Communication
  • Business

Or instead of this, the completion of studies on graphic arts and computer science at a college level.

Course Opportunities

There are several land-based, as well as online, learning institutions that offer web design. In some cases, an interested party who has the proper education may be able to have an internship with a company that specialises in web design.

Skills Required

A new web designer requires some specific skills that include:

  • Having a creative mind
  • An understanding of the different languages used for programming
  • The ability to communicate
  • Being able to meet deadlines
  • Is a team player
  • Understanding of colour therapy
  • Being able to commit to the job
  • Good time management skills
  • The ability to visualise
  • Can pay attention to detail
  • Can follow instructions
  • Understanding of typography

Course Outline

There are several different segments to the course outlines for learning web design that include:

  • Learning script language
  • Mastering Adobe photoshop
  • Internet programming with various programmes
  • Learning HTML
  • Interface graphics
  • Along with several other segments.

Each course will have its own curriculum, and here is a YouTube video that gives an example of learning web design.